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High tolerance dermatological skin care bringing efficiency, sensoriality and well-being to each generation. #GenerationFeelingGoodInMySkin


The skin reflects our state of mind, our moods and our general health. As such, it is our most sensitive organ.
Drawing on this observation, a group of dermatologists – passionate about studying the skin, its complex relationships and its development over time – created the Noreva dermatological laboratories in the 1980s. Their aim was to provide each generation with leading dermatological skincare, taking a holistic approach to health and bearing in mind the natural connections between the skin, the body and the mind. That is how the #FeelingGoodInMySkin generation was born. 
This vision redefines the codes of dermocosmetics with advanced, high-tolerance and safe skin care products combining effective results, a sensory experience and well-being, suited to all generations: from infants to teenagers, young adults to the elderly.


17 patents | Proven skin and eye tolerance

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